Bowen here we are!

Finally we arrived in Bowen and even if it’s really fun to travel by car after two days almost non-stop driving we couldn’t drive any longer!

Bowen it’s a small city, it is nice and quite, with a huge main street and several beaches were you can have a swim and snorkeling trips.

There are many shops and a really important place for a backpacker: macca’s! (if you’re not an Australian, this means McDonald’s, don’t ask why they call it macca’s).

Almost in every single town in Australia there is a macca’s, and it’s important to have one nearby ’cause when you are a backpacker you don’t have money, and if you have money you wanna keep travelling and you need money for this so you don’t have money for a luxurious dinner!

Anyway we were looking for our hostel and finally we found it … 50km far from Bowen in the middle of nowhere in the bushes!

It was a really nice place with a swimming pool, a pool table, a bar, a kitchen, lots of kangaroos and frogs and there we met the first Italian guy in Australia!

The phone over there didn’t work at all, so we had no internet, no calls, nothing but the owner usually used to give us 15 minutes of free wifi so at least I could text my mum that I was still alive. (Sometimes I forgot to text my family because I was busy or my phone wasn’t working and they start to call every person in the world to have news about me so wifi was important to not see my face on an Italian newspaper with the message “Lost in Australia” below my face!).

When we arrived the owner gave us two rooms: one for Eleonora and one for me and my girlfriend (yeah), we had dinner and we started to get in touch with the other guys and with the Italian guy, it was so weird to talk in Italian with someone else, I forgot how to talk in my mother language!

This was our first day here, but the adventure was yet to begin.

Up to Bowen

Our next destination was quite far from Goodiwindi, and when I say “quite far” I mean two long days on the road driving all day!

We looked for a farm job near Gundy, but there wasn’t so much around so the best choice was Bowen, there are many farms over there. To be sure that we would find a job we called some of the farmers who were looking for workers before leave Gundy and finally we found a hostel working where we could have a room and a job. Great!

Before leaving we had the last shower, the last dinner and the last sleep in our real first “home” in Oz (actually we where already out of Gundy but we were still close to it), then the next morning our trip began!

Coffee time!

I’m a coffee addicted, seriously.

Usually I have coffee three times a day, without sugar and milk, just hot, black coffee and I’m happy.

One of the projects of the Android Basics was to build an app to order coffee and you can imagine my eyes when I start coding! (Having a cup of coffee of course!)

Anyway the app is really simple; it works like a coffee machine: you can select the number of coffee you want, then you can order them by clicking the “order button”.

After that I’ll come to you with your coffee and a big smile on my face so wait for me! (For sure…)

Here is the screenshot of the app:

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 13.52.42


Hope you like it and if you want to have the code just ask me and I’ll send you!

P.S. I know there is a grammar mistake in my app: in the “Coffe Time” title an “e” is missing but don’t worry; I’ll fix it.

Bye bye goondiwindi

** I know, it’s been a long time since I wrote the last blog post but don’t worry; here I am! **

We worked for four days, after we waited a few days to discover that there wasn’t any job for us, sad but true.

We went camping with our friends and their family (like I said in the last blog post) and it was fantastic: the dam was huge and there was a swimming pool too!

The guy took us in a town quite near the dam to see the waterfalls that were there and it was beautiful! Then we cooked sausages for dinner and we had a good time together.

The next day was the last day for us; we left the dam in the evening, we said goodbye to Gundy, our real first “home” in Australia, first we went to Stantorphe ’cause our french friends told us that there are many farms there, but we didn’t find nothing sowe moved up north to find another farm job.

Our new destination: Bowen.




Our new “car”

In Goondiwindi our car used to be our accommodation, but not this time!

We were tired of sleep into our car, we needed a REAL bed with REAL blankets and REAL pillows.

So what did we do? We booked a room in a hotel during our working period.

Why didn’t we book a room before? Because is quite expensive and we need our money to eat and travel! But this time we didn’t care too much about the money, we knew that job would be only for four or five days so we could afford 3/4 nights in a hotel.

Finally a real sleep!

With a mini-bar too!!!

Old job, new adventure!

What was our next job?

If you thought about cleaning you were right!

Our next job was rubbish picking around Goondiwindi, Yelarbon and Inglewood; we had to pick up all the rubbish around the tip of every town and put them properly into the tip.

It was a very easy job, maybe it could look like a boring job but it wasn’t; our “boss” was a man from the Goondiwindi Regional Council and there were also a guy form Goondiwindi working with us, they were the perfect company!

Our boss was so nice; he was really friendly and he told us many many things about Goondiwindi area, he showed us many beautiful places; places were you can go and camping and also the “spinifex desert” near Yelarbon.

Also the guy told us many things about the insects and the animals in Australia and he showed us some REAL lizards and spiders and others that we found on the ground while we were picking plastic bags, plastic bottles and all the rubbish (the area was quite dirty).

It was like an adventure trip for us, we drove trough dirty streets through the nature, we learned so many things, like in a safari! That working experience was fantastic; the company was amazing and the nature too, we really enjoyed that job!

Also when we finished our job (after four days) we kept in contact with our boss and our new friend; we went camping with them and it was so funny. We still be in contact, waiting to meet each other again!


To see how was our adventure between the rubbish watch the video below!