Trip to Ayr!

As I said in the previous post we visited almost every national park and almost every falls on the way from Cairns to Ayr.

There are quite a lot places to visit actually like the Josephine Falls (nice place to visit, and Josephine was also the name that we gave to a female kangaroo in Bowen!), the Tully Gorge National Park, but the Wallaman Falls is the place that I liked the most between all those places; those falls are 268m high and they are the highest falls of the Country!

We arrived there quite early in the morning and the view wasn’t so good because the day before was raining so on that morning was a little bit foggy, anyway we started our walk down to the bottom of the waterfall (about 1 hour walk) and then …wow!

Those falls were fantastic; when we arrived at the bottom there were a look out and then there was no way to reach the water, but me and my girlfriend took our shoes off and we started climbing the rocks that were separating us from the water, after a while we reached it! We couldn’t had a swim because the water was quite dirty because of the rain of the day before, but it was amazing anyway!

We took some photos; in those situation I become a professional photographer and my girlfriend the most beautiful model in the world, but for some reason in her opinion my photos always sucks and in my opinion she doesn’t want to admit that I make great photos and the actual problem is that she’s not a model … but just the most beautiful in the world (I hope this last sentence can save my life, love you honey).

The only problem that me and my girlfriend had was go back to the look out, it was quite easy to go down but go back up climbing those wet rocks without shoes was just a little bit harder.

Anyway if you will travel in Queensland Wallaman Falls must be on your list!

Here are some photos of that great place



And here is a slideshow of some photos that we took on the way to Ayr

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We spent our last night in our car on the Wallaman Falls road (where Eleonora was scared of a cow), then the next morning we called Petter, our Swedish friend to meet each other in Ayr and start mango picking and packing.

It was so nice to start working together again!


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