Up to Cairns

Our trip to Cairns was so …wet! It rained all the time! When we arrived in Cairns we had a shower at the lagoon and then we went to the shopping center, for the joy of the girls!

We spent half day in there!

After our shopping time we looked for a job on Gumtree (which is a website where you can find jobs, cars and many other stuff to buy or you can also sell your stuff or look for workers) and finally we found a job in a hostel in Ayr: mango picking and packing.

It was the only job that we found, ’cause in Cairns we didn’t find much for one guy and two girls, so we decided to go for it and we also decided to call our Swedish friend and tell him that he could come and work with us on that farm, and he said yes! So we would meet each other in Ayr, ready for mango picking!

We would be in Ayr in three days, so we spent one day and one night in Cairns having a tour around the city, then the next day we left Cairns to go to Ayr.

Since we had two days to go there we decided to visit some of the national parks on the way and to spend one night under the stars before arriving at the hostel, and it was great! In the next post I will upload some photos that I’ve took so stay tuned!


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