Life at the bush house

What can you do if you have a day off but you are in a hostel in the middle of nowhere, without internet?

Well fortunately there were a few things to do; there was a swimming pool and a pool table that we used a lot, we used to have a swim in the morning and after lunch a pool match.

The guys, before we arrived, bought a playstation 4 so we could also play videogames with them.

We didn’t go many times in town ’cause it was more than one hour far from the hostel, we usually went there to buy some food once or twice a week.

Some days we went to the beach in Bowen with our Swedish friend; there is such a good spot for snorkelling over there were the corals are so colourful! After a snorkel session have dinner on the beach (with burgers from macca’s obviously) is the best way to enjoy the sunset before going back home!



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