Too much days off

After one week we started to have too much days off, really.

Maybe some of you will say “but then you had time to relax, take a swim in the swimming pool or play pool with your new friend from Sweden, your travel buddy”.

Well we played pool, a lot (but never enough), but the problem was that without working we couldn’t make money, we were spending more than earning so relax was not a good thing for us!

Sometimes we went to the beach, sometimes we just chilled all day at the pool or on the sofa playing videogames or reading, was quite boring actually (but never as boring as when we were without a job in Gundy).

At least we had time to keep writing our diary; we all have a diary where we wrote everything about our adventure, everything (…almost)! We started writing when we started working in Goondiwindi, I think that is one of the most precious things from this adventure.

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