Watermelons and rockmelons in Bowen!

We started working after one or two days, I was picking watermelons while my girlfriend and Eleonora (our friend) were packing rockmelons at the shed. At the first time was quite an hard work ’cause I was not so trained and the watermelons were quite heavy.

This is how we used to pick watermelons:

we used to walk between the plants and every time we found a watermelon (every 10 centimeters!) we took it from the ground, we threw it to the guy who was on our left, the last guy then put on the ground every watermelon making a line, so once we reached the end of the filed we could fill the truck easily ’cause all the watermelons were in the same line.

It could seem easy, and actually it is, the only problem is to do it for six or eight hours per day, then your arms and your back start to not collaborate with you.

I worked on that farm for a few days, when we finished I and other guys at the hostel started to do rockmelons picking in another farm.

Do you remember how was rock picking? Rockmelons picking is the same s. . . hard work!

We had to pick the melons from the ground filling a basket, then took it to a guy on a truck who was putting all the melons from our basket in some bins and then repeat.

After the first day my back was burning, so when I reached my bed it was like be in paradise, I couldn’t move anything, but after a while I was on the field the morning after.

It was quite hard but working with friends is alway better, and there at the hostel we met a guy from Sweden (the guy who is sitting next to me in the photo above) who was so nice and soon it became our travel friend, so it was much better to work with him on the field.

Everything was going quite good, at the moment . . .

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