Coffee time!

I’m a coffee addicted, seriously.

Usually I have coffee three times a day, without sugar and milk, just hot, black coffee and I’m happy.

One of the projects of the Android Basics was to build an app to order coffee and you can imagine my eyes when I start coding! (Having a cup of coffee of course!)

Anyway the app is really simple; it works like a coffee machine: you can select the number of coffee you want, then you can order them by clicking the “order button”.

After that I’ll come to you with your coffee and a big smile on my face so wait for me! (For sure…)

Here is the screenshot of the app:

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 13.52.42


Hope you like it and if you want to have the code just ask me and I’ll send you!

P.S. I know there is a grammar mistake in my app: in the “Coffe Time” title an “e” is missing but don’t worry; I’ll fix it.

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