Bye bye goondiwindi

** I know, it’s been a long time since I wrote the last blog post but don’t worry; here I am! **

We worked for four days, after we waited a few days to discover that there wasn’t any job for us, sad but true.

We went camping with our friends and their family (like I said in the last blog post) and it was fantastic: the dam was huge and there was a swimming pool too!

The guy took us in a town quite near the dam to see the waterfalls that were there and it was beautiful! Then we cooked sausages for dinner and we had a good time together.

The next day was the last day for us; we left the dam in the evening, we said goodbye to Gundy, our real first “home” in Australia, first we went to Stantorphe ’cause our french friends told us that there are many farms there, but we didn’t find nothing sowe moved up north to find another farm job.

Our new destination: Bowen.












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