Old job, new adventure!

What was our next job?

If you thought about cleaning you were right!

Our next job was rubbish picking around Goondiwindi, Yelarbon and Inglewood; we had to pick up all the rubbish around the tip of every town and put them properly into the tip.

It was a very easy job, maybe it could look like a boring job but it wasn’t; our “boss” was a man from the Goondiwindi Regional Council and there were also a guy form Goondiwindi working with us, they were the perfect company!

Our boss was so nice; he was really friendly and he told us many many things about Goondiwindi area, he showed us many beautiful places; places were you can go and camping and also the “spinifex desert” near Yelarbon.

Also the guy told us many things about the insects and the animals in Australia and he showed us some REAL lizards and spiders and others that we found on the ground while we were picking plastic bags, plastic bottles and all the rubbish (the area was quite dirty).

It was like an adventure trip for us, we drove trough dirty streets through the nature, we learned so many things, like in a safari! That working experience was fantastic; the company was amazing and the nature too, we really enjoyed that job!

Also when we finished our job (after four days) we kept in contact with our boss and our new friend; we went camping with them and it was so funny. We still be in contact, waiting to meet each other again!


To see how was our adventure between the rubbish watch the video below!

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