Different place, same job

After that we cleaned all the quarters we started to realise that in that farm there wasn’t a job for us because every day we had to ask what to do and every time the answer was “wait for me” or something like that.

We went back to the workshop for cleaning some tractors and some cars for a while, then we had to go to the boss’s house to clean it! Yes; for two days we clean  the second house of the boss, we fixed little things in the rooms and we put in order everything.

In that farm everybody used to work for 10 hours per day, but we finished our work in 5 hours on the first day! There was a man with us who was supposed to have a look at our work and make sure that we work properly,  but he said that we were too fast! So we got 5 hours paid without doing nothing and the second day was the same, but finally something happened…

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