Bye Bye Moree

The last day we didn’t know that it was the last; when we finished cleaning the boss’s house a guy brought us to the quarters and then he told us: “the manager arrived at the conclusion that you aren’t able to drive tractors, so you can stay at the quarters for three days and then you have to leave”.


It was just a big excuse , we just cleaned everything there and we did nothing else except for the first two days, how could he say that?

We had three days to find a new job until start to sleep in our car again, so we texted the agency in Goondiwindi asking for a job because in Moree there was nothing for us anymore, then the only thing we could do was waiting for an answer.

What a beautiful day.

The next day we went to the SPA in Moree; we needed to relax our-self and stop thinking about sleep into the car again.

It worked for a while and we were close to forget how was sleeping into “Spanny” (our car is called Spanny), but then we had to go back to the quarters. With the car. And we remembered what means sleep in a car.



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