Keep cleaning

Yes, after one week spent at cleaning all the quarters we had to keep cleaning all the garden outside, and also the tip that was near the quarters!

We spent the last day waiting for the manager  to know what we would do after, but he didn’t come to us, so it was a really boring day, we watched two or three movies (we watched all the movies that week) and ate a lot of snacks.

The next day we were outside cleaning the garden and putting all the rubbish that were everywhere in the tip, what a nasty place! In Australia they don’t know what ecology is, seriously!

I’m gonna post all the photo of our cleaning week in the next post, I need to transfer them to my pc.

Oh about my computer…I bought a macbook pro!!! There was a guy in Cairns (Yes I was in Cairns for a while and I’m gonna explain soon what happened) who was selling a macbook pro 2011 and it was very cheap so that was my occasion to have a computer for programming, editing photo and obviously for update my blog! It works so well so I’m really happy at the moment, anyway I’m gonna publish all the photo ’cause actually now i didn’t publish so many, so follow the blog to see them!

Back to the garden; try to guess what we did after finish cleaning it …

Yes, I think you guessed.

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