Deep cleaning

For one long week we cleaned everything of the quarters; we started from the kitchen and it required two days for clean it! Then we started to clean the rooms (9 rooms), we cleaned the walls, the floor, the beds, the windows, and while we were cleaning all the rooms we started to cleaning the living room; there were dirty clothes everywhere because the guys that used to work there on the last harvest left everything.

There were slips, T-shirts, trousers, socks, condoms…yes I’m not joking.

The showers and the toilets were also so dirty and we didn’t have gloves so we used plastic bags from Coles as gloves (don’t laugh we were in trouble).

It was a really long week but at least it was nice because we were always at home, so for lunch we could cook pasta, pizza and other stuff instead sandwiches, and we could have lunch while we were watching TV!

Finally we were happy to clean, the only problem was when we were about to end; we didn’t know what to do then and every day we were calling the manager asking for something to do but we had always to wait.

At least there was a TV there and some DVDs to watch.


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