Day 2: a new surprise

We got up at 6:15 in the morning and we started working at 7:00, we had some cabins left before finish cleaning.

We cleaned all morning, then after lunch Garcy, the manager, asked me if I was able to drive a forklift.

“Not really” I answered, then he taught me how to drive it and after cleaning he gave us another job.

No more cleaning!

We had to put in order some boxes with poison inside using the forklift, they were really expensive so we had to be really careful!

It was fantastic; for the first time I was driving a tractor alone! I’m from a little country town in Italy but I had never driven a tractor before that day, so you can imagine my father’s face when I sent him my photo on the tractor!

When the evening came we didn’t finish our work, so we went back to the quarters, we had dinner and a hot shower then we went to bed, ready for another tractor day!

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