New job, new life

Friday morning we were ready to discover what would be our next job!

We went to the workshop with the other guys by bus, there were so many tractors there!

We met the manager who told us what to do first: clean the lunch room.

Ok, the best way to start, so we cleaned all the lunch room (without gloves or any other stuff to clean) and then we cleaned the bathroom.

While we were starting to clean a guy called me and brought me to the petrol station of the farm to fill a truck.

I was filling that truck but before finishing to fill it the diesel finished so I couldn’t finish my work! I waited for the guy for 30 minutes to go back to the workshop and have a quick break, after that I had to clean all the cabins of the trucks.

The girls finished to clean the bathroom and started to clean all the tractors, so the key-word of the day was “clean”.

Boring but easy.

At list easy money.

We worked for 10 hours then we went back to the quarters, we had a shower and dinner and we went to bed.

It was quite nice day, ten hours but not so hard.

Would we become the cleaners of that farm?


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