Suspense before working

We left Moree and we were looking for Bellata, but we didn’t find that town! We arrived in Narrabri (Bellata is supposed to be between Moree and Narrabri) and after had a look at the library we came back and we found Bellata! We passed through and we didn’t see it, maybe because Bellata is a petrol station and nothing more, but anyway finally we arrived!

The I phoned the manager and he told me what road we had to keep, he would meet us on that road.

After 40 minutes we didn’t meet anybody, it was dark and I was driving since 6 hours so we all were a little bit tired.

Then he phoned me an finally we met each other (I was on the wrong way, again).

He brought us to the quarters, he said “see you tomorrow morning” and then went home.


We didn’t know what we were going to do, what kind of job we would do, nothing.

At the quarters there were other three guys; Raphael and Frank from France and Joe from England.

The two French guys explained what they were doing at the workshop, the place where we were going to work, and they said they were mechanic, they used to drive tractors and something like that.

I’m a boy, for me was ok even if I’m not a mechanic, but what about the girls?

The next day we would discover what would be our next job, at Greentree farm.

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