From Goondiwindi to Bellata

We spent two weeks eating sandwiches, sleeping in our car and looking for a job.

Two really long weeks, but finally Thursday arrived and that day a miracle happened!

Thursday morning we were at the library in Goondiwindi, we were looking for a job on Gumtree, but after one hour I received a call; they were calling me from Bellata and they asked me if we were ready to work on a farm near that small town for some weeks until the harvest.


We left Gundy two hours later to go to Bellata, it is a really small town (smaller than Inglewood!) after Moree from Gundy.

Moree is 125 kilometres far from Goondiwindi, it’s quite a long distance so we left early to go in Moree for buy some food and prepare our self to start farm working again!

Finally we found a job (or a job found us?) and the no-work weeks ended!

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