No-work week part 2

After one week we didn’t find any job, and we started another week sleeping in our car (we love it), eating sandwiches and hamburgers and looking for a job.

The second No-work week started and we didn’t know what to do.

One day we had to go to Yelarbon, that was the day Brendon gave me my phone, so we decided to do to Inglewood before going to Yelarbon to visit that small town one hour far form Yelarbon.

When we arrived there we didn’t want to believe to what our eyes were watching; a street with some houses, a supermarket, a library and nothing else!

There were only a public garden and a very small museum but there weren’t any people in that town, and the museum was close so we couldn’t visit noting!

We had a quick walk, we saw some horses and some sheep, then we went in Yelarbon and we came back in Goondiwindi.

It was a really boring day even if we went to another town, the positive thing was that I receives my phone back!

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