Our food in our car

We were without a job and without a house, we used to go to the water park to have a shower and there are public toilets in Gundy, but maybe you will ask “what did you used to eat if you couldn’t cook anything?”

Well we didn’t cook anything, we bought so much bread and some stuff to make a lot of sandwiches, that was our main meal, we had some salad sometimes and sometimes to eat something cooked we went to McDonald’s or to Red Rooster.
My plan was eat everyday at McDonald’s to get sick and go to the hospital, in this way I could have a real bed but for my girlfriend it was a really bad idea so she didn’t let me do it.

Definitely was a bad idea.

Anyway we didn’t eat so healthy and some days we refuses to eat because that food didn’t make us hungry, and now we can’t see the Coles supermarket anymore, we went there every day ’cause in Gundy there is only that supermarket!

An important thing we need: an electric cooker!

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