11th working day

We came to Brendon’s house, our next job? Rock picking.

You can imagine that rock picking consist in pick up rocks on a field,put them in a bucket and when the bucket is full put them on a tractor.

Why it’s harder than stick picking?

  1. Rocks are heavier than sticks
  2. You can stand up only if you have to put your rocks on the tractor
  3. There are LOTS of rocks on the field
  4. You will ask yourself “what’s the sense of this job” at every minute

When we started working me and my girlfriend thought that rock picking is less boring than stick picking, but after 8 hours … we missed stick picking so much!

Anyway there was also the french couple with us so we could talk each other and make our job a little bit less boring.

We worked for 8 hours then we had a hot shower and went to bed, but Fred, the Brendon’s puppy, was on my bed waiting for us to “play”.

Funny dog.

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