9th working day

Our real last day working on a field, the ground was less wet but my shoes where destroyed!

We started working at 9:00 in the morning so we could sleep a little bit more than the others day, we were more relaxed and it was good.

When we finished we came back to our van, but we didn’t have any matches.

“What’s the problem?” You’ll ask, well without matches we couldn’t cook anything and we couldn’t have a hot shower!

Our dinner that evening was tuna and cookies, really healthy food, what a taste dinner. (ghgh)

After dinner I didn’t want to go to bed so dirty so I order myself “Have a shower!” and then I had the coldest shower I ever had. Well after that shower I didn’t need a heater for the night.

My girlfriend had a shower too, and that was a really funny moment for me!


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