8th Working day

We got up early in the morning and then Mike, the owner, asked us if we could stay at the farm for other two days ’cause he had some work for us, that was a great surprise for us!

(A kitchen, a bed, a hot shower for other two days seem gold if you have only your car!)

We started working in the afternoon because the ground was so wet in the morning  ’cause of the rain, but when we started working we discovered that the ground was really wet also in the afternoon, imagine how much dirty were our shoes after work!

That evening Mike brought us to the pub to have dinner but his car had a problem so he came back home before us.

When we finished our dinner we tried to came home but there are so many streets through the fields there and we got lost for more than one our! It was “funny” because we were also without fuel!

Anyway we found the right way and then we went to bed immediately.



We had a little problem before going to bed: we discovered that we did’t have anything to eat for the next day (Ahahaha).

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