7th working day

The last day for us in that farm, we worked 10 hours and my hands were screaming (but then the field looked so clean)!

We had a packed lunch, you’ll think that that day my girlfriend brought more things to eat than the last day…no she didn’t! (I love you honey).

When we came back to our van we cooked spaghetti for dinner but we forgot to buy salt so they weren’t so good (ghghgh), anyway we ate 1kg of spaghetti ’cause we were really hungry!

That evening was raining, maybe the rain washed our car (it’s really dirty), so we had a tea and then I studied a little bit of java, a good programmer study everywhere! 😉

I wasn’t so happy to leave that van ’cause our car is not the best bed I ever had, but the next morning there was a surprise for us…

(*Suspance music*)



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