6th Working day


We came back to our van!

It was great to have a little kitchen were we can cook spaghetti and cappuccino! 😉

We had a good sleep, then we got up early and we started working at 7:00 in the morning, we worked 10 hours to make more money even if we had some cricks during the day (we need money to travel…we need money anyway!).

To not have lunch in the van, ’cause we didn’t want to drive, we had a packed lunch; my girlfriend brought a lot of things to eat at lunch time (I’m joking obviously) so when I we came back to our van I ate everything I could find in our “food box”.

We finished at 17:30 and after a hot shower we had pasta for dinner! I wanted to go to the pub but we were too much tired so we went to bed really early in the evening, it was so strange to fall asleep at 19:30!!

We love this van.


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