Moving from Brisbane to Goondiwindi

After one week a friend of my girlfriend arrived in Brisbane, she went in Thailand for one month!

Then we drove for four hours from Brisbane to Goondiwindi to start farm working.

It’s been a quite long, boring trip but this little town is so pretty and there’s a place where we can have a free shower (that’s really important!) and where we can park our car for the night (that’s really important too!).

The free showers are located at the Heritage Park, is a very lovely place: there is a river where you can have a swim and a big garden all around. You can have a walk there or just relax your self after work! 😉

The place where you can camp for free it`s close to the Heritage Park and it`s called Redmond Park; it`s just a small place where you can park your car or your caravan and pass the night, there are also toilets.

This small town has everything you need when you`re travelling: a bank, a library with some computers that you can use for free, a public toilets, fast foods, a supermarket (Colse), a petrol station and more.

If you don`t like the city life you will like this town!


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